Decor, Party Favors and Such

Ring Treasure chest by Sue, picture by

Colored Bottle decor / centerpieces

Bottles with or without labels for decor...

Milk Carton Candy Boxes, Small Square Gift Boxes

I can make it and you can put it together...

Coordinated for your Wedding Shower or Wedding Favors

Coordinating Notepads for the Bridesmaids

Looking to fill a thank you bag for the bridesmaids?  These notebooks make a wonderful addition and would coordinate with the invitations.

Wreaths, Wall Decor, Framed Bride & Groom Initials

Coordinated for your Wedding Shower or Wedding

Candle Decor for Your Table

Whether choosing a vellum holder for a flickering electric tealight or a glass votive holder for either an electric or real flame votive / tea light,  it all coordinates with your invite.

Vest for the Best Dog

How cute!  Shadow gets a vest and a treasure chest to carry the rings...